Women’s History Month takeover series: a conversation with Tina Hsiao

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Platinum Rule Advisors is spotlighting women who inspire us. Our founder, Leonora Zilkha Williamson, is chatting with some of her most admired women and learning about the women who inspired them. 

Our third guest is Tina Hsiao, a global SaaS CXO who is committed to enhancing the customer and employee experience, as well as helping coach and grow diverse talent. Known for her inquisitive, inspiring leadership, she currently serves as COO at Soundry, an early-stage healthcare start-up, and oversees strategy and operations across all functions.

Her professional experience includes scaling marquee brands across a range of maturity levels, from early-stage to well-established companies, including WePay and Intuit. At WePay, she served as a strategic growth catalyst for the company’s market sizing pivot, resulting in Stage D financing and establishing the brand as a category leader. 

Tina serves as a board member of Dream Volunteers and previously served as a board member of the Cloud Software Association and Social Advocates for Youth in Milpitas, California. 

She earned her MBA from Harvard University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Columbia University. Tina is a mother of three girls and enjoys exercising, playing piano, and watching dramas.

In this conversation, Tina Hsiao shares her insights on the following questions:

  • Tell us about your education background and career history.
  • Where are your parents from and what was their small business?
  • Did your time in the back of Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts [your parent’s franchises] inform your early career realization? How did you know your clarification? 
  • Tell us what you’re up to today.
  • Is it fair to say you think about integrating work and life instead of work-life balance?
  • Tell us about who inspires you.

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