Leonora Zilkha Williamson of Platinum Rule Advisors in a white blouse and black blazer with brown hair smiling at the camera in an office

New year, new business

I am Leonora Zilkha Williamson, and I am thrilled to announce the official launch of Platinum Rule Advisors. The Platinum Rule means treating people as they need to be treated, and I founded the company to bring out the best in people and teams. We fulfill this promise in three ways:

The Golden Rule, “treat others as you want to be treated,” provides a strong foundation for co-existing with other people. In articulating some basic guidelines for being a good person (be kind; don’t lie; be polite; don’t hit), it’s a simple concept that we learn as young children. The Platinum Rule, however, updates this thinking to “treat others as they need to be treated.” It’s a powerful idea that can radically shift people, teams and cultures.

Throughout my career, I’ve gravitated toward people more than products or even ideas. In a meeting, it’s safe to bet that I’m scanning the room to read the moods of those around the table or pick up on dynamics that may hinder the meeting’s productivity. The notion that we should check our personal lives at the workplace door has never made sense to me. A workplace is nothing but a group of people. How can it be its best if the whole person isn’t considered? Whether as a junior investment banker or consultant or as an executive in the beauty industry, I was always people-obsessed.

At some point in my forties, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my career working with people – and only with people. I dreamed of a balance of teaching and training, giving advice (about people, of course) and working with clients one-on-one. Platinum Rule Advisors is the fulfillment of that dream.

We have already started working with clients. Our Predictive Index clients use the leading talent optimization assessments and tools to create the right roles, hire the right people, manage them well and measure their engagement. Our facilitation clients have important conversations about sticky topics such as communication and accountability under our guidance. And our coachees experience transformation that prime them to reach their personal and professional potential. It’s the best work in the world.

As I introduce Platinum Rule Advisors to the world, I hope to touch as many people as possible. Please reach out to schedule a conversation about how Platinum Rule Advisors can help bring out the best in you and your team.

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