Get to Know Jackie Hodgins, PRA Partner Coach & Experienced Human Resources Leader

Jackie is an executive coach, organizational development consultant, and facilitator with more than 25 years’ experience helping leaders reach their potential. She has a diverse work history and has held positions in human resources, learning & development, program management, facilitation, and business operations. She is currently an HR leader for a Fortune 500 company.

The transformative nature of her experience with her own coach inspired her to become a certified executive leadership coach. She now seves Fortune 500 high-tech and manufacturing companies.

How has your background influenced your coaching style?
My work at a Fortune 500 company has allowed me to coach leaders at all levels from various business units.  My diverse background in human resources, organizational development, learning & development, program management, facilitation, and business operations allows me to go deeper into my own self-awareness and help my clients do the same.

How does your background help your clients?
I am able to look at the system as well as the individual. To help clients achieve their goals, I make it a point to understand all factors in their environment and weave them into my coaching techniques.

How would your clients describe you as a coach?
Clients would describe me as fully present, authentic, open and direct. I am a trusted coach and partner for those who are committed to making meaningful changes in their lives. I have been described as a coach that will walk the journey in full support of my clients. I will be their cheerleader while also holding up the mirror to reflect back what is seen by others.

What is your coaching specialty?
I specialize in coaching individuals, teams, and groups. My individual coaching clients are typically senior leaders and executives. Team coaching usually involves teams led by executives. Group coaching cohorts include managers of managers, senior leaders, and executives.

What coaching assessments or tools do you use?
I use the 360-feedback process.  My clients choose people for me to interview, and I create an executive summary of key themes to share based on the conversations. I am certified to administer Korn Ferry, Hogan Leadership Assessment, Birkman, Enneagram, and The Leadership Practices Inventory. I consult with each client, whether an individual or team, to determine what specific tools should be used.

What is your approach to or philosophy about coaching?
I help leaders reach their full potential and gain clarity when navigating transitions and complexities. My mission is to lead with integrity, inspire discovery, and guide transformation to enable others to uncover the changes they want to make.  I am fully present and authentic while communicating openly and directly to help clients overcome obstacles.

What advice would you offer executives about vetting and selecting a coach?
A coaching engagement is about relationships and connections. I recommend a chemistry call or meet and greet to begin. It is important that the client and coach feel comfortable with each other because the work they will do together requires trust and openness.

Tips for selection:

  1. Connection/Chemistry: Executives should cover both business and personal topics to ensure they have the right chemistry in those areas.
  2. Background/Experience: Some executives may want a coach that has expertise in a specific area with previous clients or in their own work history.  A coach doesn’t need technical experience in the client’s background or field, but they must be able to understand the work environment.  
  3. Preferences: Executives should consider their own preferences and what makes them feel most comfortable.

What questions do you suggest asking during an initial interview or consultation with a coach?
I’d suggest asking a prospective coach the following:

  1. What is your philosophy for coaching?
  2. What is your coaching process?
  3. How will you assess my current strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Which tools and assessments are you certified to administer?
  5. What will our time together look like?

How do you ensure coaching outcomes are aligned with the client’s business strategy/strategic objectives?
I coach and consult with business leaders and teams to navigate high dynamic and changing environments to drive transformations with continuous adjustments. We look at the entire system/environment they are part of in their personal and professional lives. We link their coaching challenge or goal to personal and business strategy, processes, and implementation plans that achieve goals in service of increasing organizational capability. I take a whole person approach to coaching by asking, “what organizational challenges are you facing?” and “what leadership challenges are you facing?” Then, I identify success criteria for the coaching goal and how that can positively impact the business strategy and objectives. 

How have you seen your coaching services impact the bottom line?
I have seen both professional and personal impacts as a result of coaching, including increased organizational efficiency, improved leadership sentiment scores, and greater personal well-being and happiness among other metrics and indicators.

Share one of your most impactful/memorable coaching outcomes.
One of the most rewarding coaching outcomes involved seeing a lightbulb moment happen for a client that was struggling to understand why others weren’t experiencing situations the same way they had been. Their perception of reality was different. Through our work together, this person was open to seeing other perspectives and focused on adjusting behaviors and actions to be in line with their goals and mission. By the end of our coaching engagement, the client’s demeanor, leadership skills, and overall outlook on life shifted positively! 

What kind of measurable impact have you helped clients achieve?
My clients have achieved an array of positive impacts, such as job promotions, increased organizational effectiveness scores or leader capability scores, and improvements to company performance. I have also helped clients achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness that has propelled them to new levels of leadership and increased happiness in their lives.

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