Get to Know Mark Robertson, PRA Partner Coach and Seasoned Consultant

Mark Robertson has over two decades of coaching-related experience and has held the titles of executive coach, consultant, team building specialist, workshop leader, conversational facilitator, and speaker. Prior to earning his Human Development Counseling master’s degree at Vanderbilt University and becoming a coach, he worked in a variety of industries and positions, including golf pro, commercial salesman and IT consultant.

His love for helping others learn and create sustainable change in their lives led him to coaching. Mark specializes in executive coaching, primarily working with leaders and leadership teams in organizations. Occasionally, he also takes on a few personal coaching clients. His exposure to coaching through experiential workshops in his mid-20s made him realize the power of the distinctions he now uses in his work.

How does your background help your clients?
I bring a lot of diversity in terms of experience, occupation, and life events that allows me to be very accepting of my clients and borrow on the wisdom gained through my personal journey.

How has your background influenced your coaching style?
Growing up in a military family encouraged my openness to different perspectives and adaptability to change. My educational background, which includes an undergraduate electrical engineering degree and master’s degree, allows me to see the value and importance of both the analytical and emotional sides of life. I bring a strong blend of each to my coaching. I’m a lifelong learner and always look for ways to grow. Over the course of my career, I’ve used many different modalities, which I incorporate into my coaching style.

How would your clients describe you as a coach?
My clients would describe me as accepting, optimistic and validating. They may also note my ability to help them gain clarity and understanding around their issues while providing a safe space to explore and challenge them when needed.

What coaching assessments or tools do you use?
I use the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series Assessment, Korn Ferry 360 Assessment, and an oral 360 interview assessment of my own.

What is your philosophy about coaching?
I take an ontological approach, supplemented by other learnings along the way.

Leaders get paid to have effective conversations, and those interactions are continually generating their relationships with others, whether positively or negatively. My work helps make these conversations and relationships successful.

What advice would you offer executives about vetting and selecting a coach?
It’s all about fit! Criteria varies by person, but it’s important to feel like the coach is a good fit for you and that you’ll be able to make progress towards your goals with their help.

How do you ensure coaching outcomes are aligned with the client’s business strategy/strategic objectives?
I ask them. At the outset of an engagement, I start with an Initial Coaching Context Setting meeting where we get clear on 1) the learning territories on which we’re working and 2) what success looks like.

How have you seen your coaching services impact the bottom line?
I’ve received many reports about how effective and powerful coaching has made my clients. They share that their improvements have impacted the bottom line, often dramatically, whether those results are financial or related to time and energy spent.

Share one of your most impactful/memorable coaching outcomes.
From helping clients get promoted to repairing trust with their leadership teams, there are so many memorable outcomes that it’s hard to choose. On a personal level, I helped a lawyer through forgiveness work around the accidental death of his son. On the corporate front, I recently helped an interim chief commercial officer become the permanent CCO through our work.

Finding a coach that understands your needs and style is vital to the success of a coaching relationship. Our coaches bring a variety of deep experience to all engagements. Our cross-disciplinary team of C-level coaches, former C-suite executives, and active board members enables Platinum Rule Advisors to craft holistic solutions that blend powerful coaching, rigorous assessment, and diverse experience to deliver significant impact to support business strategy and objectives. To learn more, please contact us.

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